$.99 Cent Store Essentials

Leah and I are well versed in the philosophy of where to spend and how to save.  One of the ways, we love to save is the $.99 Cent Store!

Below are a list of items worth paying $0.99 cents for:

1. Eyelashes – Same brand, about a quarter of the price

2.  Ring Pops – Jewelry & Candy in one!??  Enough said.

3.  Plastic Baggies – They even zip-lock.

4.  Fortune Cookies – In a pink box, they make the cutest hostess gifts.

5.  Hair Ties – They always seem to disappear anyway…

6.  Bobby Pins – Ditto.

7.  Can of Green Chiles – They’re like 39 cents and really good in eggs.

8.  Dryer Sheets

9.  Tiny Invisible Rubberbands

10.  Wet Wipes

11.  Gum – This week, Bazooka (love those comics and sooo cute in a jar).  Next week Bubblicious.

12.  Glass Jar Candles – They burn forever & won’t catch fire: Perfect for parties!

13.  Gift Bags

14. Nail Polish Remover

15.  Cotton Balls

16.  And organic spinach, when they have it.

One of my favorite things about Venice is next door to the $.99 Cent Store is Whole Foods. Juxtaposition and I likey.

What’s your favorite $.99 Cent Store item?


  1. Rosilen

    Conditioner and olive oil.

  2. Rosilen

    Olive oil.