Bringing Back the Gaga Bow!

This week the vintage Lady Gaga image of the hair bow infiltrated my brain and just won’t leave.  I’ll be honest.  I’ve always wanted a Gaga hair bow, but it just never really happened and I was worried about matching my hair color properly, then it was just too much.  Now that enough time has passed, I’m craving that retro Gaga look once again.  I found a pretty easy tutorial HERE.  I think I may just try this.

Are you guys TOTALLY opposed?

And honestly, wasn’t she kind of the cutest here!? {Circa Just Dance}

And here is my DARLING, little 13 year old cuzzie, rocking the Gaga bow with her own hair at church!!  She’s to die for cute… Can’t even stand it!

If I do go the bow route, I’ll keep ya’ll posted… I just think it could be a fun, little prop to make me happy on a dreary day!  Too Soon!??  You tell me!

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