Fabulous Hair: Bubble Gum Pink!?

Seasons are a changing and it may be time for a little change of my own. How do you guys feel about pink!? I’ve been blonde for pretty much my whole life and I am quite curious about this look. Now, I am not talking about HOT pink, or NEON pink…. I am thinking of going for more of a bubble gum pink. Very light, but still fun. Would you guys ever go for this color!?

{Image via I Love Wild Fox Couture}

{{Image via Hair Color Ideas}

{Image via Pintrest}

{Images via Magical Creature}



  1. Guusje

    The last pic is so cool!
    But I like the updo (first pic of your newest post) also fab!
    Keep it short, it looks so good on you!

    Greetings from Holland

  2. Jeanie

    You could totally pull it off and it would look fabulous!

  3. Tiana Kai

    i don't have the cojones to pull this off, but love it! fun fun fun.

    • foab

      Its temporary!! So, not too much of a commitment!

  4. Camille

    Yes! Do it, surprise yourself :)

    • foab

      Woot Woot!