Tipsy Tuesday: How to Apply Perfect Eyeliner

As Mary’s Dad would say, “Here’s a little trick  I picked up in the Navy.”  Mind you, he was never in the Navy or any armed forces for that matter and would pull that out for any U turn or quick maneuver.  That’s pretty much how I feel about this one.  When your eyeliner is not a smooth application, blast it for a couple seconds with the blowdryer, and VOILA! Smooooth Sailing.

Have you guys ever tried this!??

Music: Trevor Wesley

Videography: Vanessa Rud


  1. Bella

    Wow that brings back memories…. A lighter and a eye pencil lol

  2. shannon

    I used to use a lighter to warm my wooden eyeliner pencils up when I was a teen lol…

    • foab

      FAB TIP!!!!

    • lll

      ME TOO!.. #oldredpencilliners

  3. cassy t.

    thats really cool lol