Tipsy Tuesday: Set Wet Nails Fast!

This week, Leah and Mary show you how to dry tacky nails fast to avoid knicking!!  Simply place your hand in a bowl of ice water to set your manicure… Running them under an ice cold faucet works too!  Your nails come out dry and ready to go!

Watch our newest episode of Tipsy Tuesday to see how!

Music: Trevor Wesley / @TrevorWesley
Videography: Vanessa Rud


  1. swoomer

    I mean, AMAZING.

    • foab

      Glad you love! xo

  2. Mere

    Your outfits are so cute! Mary, I love the stripes and polka dots together. And the addition of the hat is great. Also, great tip, I definitely need to use that one!

    • Marydarling

      Thank you soooo much!! :)