Tipsy Tuesday: The Secret Behind False Eyelashes!

This week Marcy Minute from Big Girl in a Skinny World on Hello Style Channel shows us how to get perfect false eyelashes!!  It all starts with the glue!  Did you know that you are supposed to aerate (leave it out in the air to breathe) so it’s  just tacky enough to adhere easily!??  We sure didn’t!  And it works like a charm!!

The tip doesn’t end there!  She also taught us how to store our lashes to get more than one use!

That Marcy Minute sure is smart!!!

Check it out!!

Seriously, wasn’t that helpful!!???  We LOVE us some Marcy Minute!!

Music: / @TrevorWesley



  1. Chacha

    Omg Leah I love you but your top is EXTREMELY revealing here.

  2. Laura

    This video is so cute and quirky! Who makes the necklace Leah is wearing?

    • foab

      My necklace is from Ann Taylor LOFT. :)

  3. Riikka

    hey, i love your blog and videos! where is leah's top from? it's gorgeous!

    • foab

      Thank you so much!!! My top is from bebe! But I thrifted it! Thank you so much for watching!!!