10 Headboard Alternatives

Many of you ask us for bedroom decor ideas, and the number one starting off point is the bed.  Where is it gonna go & what’s going to anchor it in the space?  While a fab headboard may not be in the budget just yet, we’ve got you covered on creating a finished look in the meantime.

Here are our 10 favorite ways to create a wow effect in any room!

They’re all super cute, a little funky, and there’s definitely a little something for everyone & Remember, this is only a jumping off point.  Get creative & make it your own!

HeadboardAlternativesSilhouette1This works if you paint it on the wall or if you purchase a decal to stick on the wall.

HeadboardAlternativesBlanket2Any blanket, tapestry, or floor-cloth with interest works here, just tack it the wall and Voila!

{Stylist Tip: Even if you have a headboard — for a temporary change, cover your current headboard with a fun blanket or tapestry}

HeadboardAlternativePerhaps not the best for earthquake prone Cali, but this is a chic way to add some detail you can swap out with pictures, flowers, or memorabilia that makes your heart sing.

HeadboardAlternativesChalkboard4Unleash your inner artist & create a new bedroom style each day.  This also works great with a solid pop of color paint behind your bed.

HeadboardAlternativesWallpaper5You can add wallpaper to the wall, use a piece of fabric — framed or just like this.  This would also work to paint a solid color in a square — you could even stencil detail.

HeadboardAlternativePallet6An upcycled pallet costs about $3 and look how cute it is behind the bed.  Add some cursive & it’s even sweeter!

HeadboardAlternativesGalleryWall7Positioning a gallery wall above your bed gives a whimsical vibe and anchors the room.

HeadboardAlternativeDoors8Old doors are awesome behind the bed. You could go vertical with two as it is here or horizontal with one, and the architectural element adds an heirloom quality.

HeadboardAlternativePartition9Partitions are super fun behind your bed, as you can change it out, paint it  — the sky is the limit!

HeadboardAlternativeArt10This bed not only boasts fab pillows and a large print to act as a headboard, but it is flanked with bookshelves that add an element of symmetry, storage, coziness to this sleep set up.

Remember Mary’s Flag Headboard Inspiration? {Find it HERE}

Which is your favorite Headboard Alternative?

{images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}





  1. Marisa

    8 & 4 are such creative cute ideas!

  2. Karina

    I love #2 and #6 <3

  3. (The Design Daredevil) Jessie D. Miller

    Yes, I love large art over a bed!

    • Marydarling

      I know, right!!?? :)

  4. Leslie flogerzi

    I Love #10!

    • Leah ashley

      Isn’t it cute!?