Paper Mache Antler DIY

Ttoday on A Fab Life, we are introducing our first male contributor, Jake Morris.  We’re so excited, and boy, is he fab!

Today, he is showing us how to make paper mache antlers…

I mean, how cute are these!? 

And we are all kinds of inspired!  Bring on the paper mache, we’re GETTIN’ CRAFTY!

PaperMacheAntlersDecorDIY1//  NEWSPRINT ANTLERS  //

My animal-friendly (and budget-friendly!) spin on the trendy painted decorative antlers gracing coffee tables and bar carts everywhere.

||  What you’ll Need ||

1.  wire hangers

2.  cotton balls

3.  masking tape

4.  paper mache paste { flour and water // HERE’S HOW }

5.  shredded newspaper

6.  craft paint


STEP ONE // Find a use for those old wire hangers “Mommy Dearest” made you kick to the curb by trimming one down and bending it into the basic desired shape of your antler. It helps to look at the anatomy of real ones for a little inspiration.

papermacheantlersdecordiystep2Layer cotton balls and masking tape to add bulk and create shape to your wire form.

** TIP **  I taped a couple pennies into my form for weight so the antler would lay just how I wanted when finished.


When all taped off it should look something like this.


Using a simple paper mache paste of flour and water, begin applying strips of newsprint (I used a NY Times for extra coolness – plus you can’t beat that timeless font!). Be sure to let the paper mache dry completely between layers and only add as many layers as you need to achieve the desired look.


Finish with a couple coats of craft paint in an interesting combo of colors and stripes – have fun with it!

papermacheantlerdecordiyVOILAPaperMacheAntlersDecorDIyzAren’t they so fab!?

//  For more of Jake //


instagram: @jakobmorr

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  1. iman

    Finishing the first one as we speak! I didn’t have cotton balls, so I used rolled up pieces of scrap fabric which actually worked really well in creating realistic ridges!


    • Leah ashley

      POST A PIC! We would love to see how they turned out!!!

  2. Leah ashley