Household Holiday Gift Wrap!

If you’re anything like me, you are stiiiiilll wrapping your last minute holiday shopping.  Here are some FABULOUS gift wrapping ideas that require little more than what’s hidden away in your recycling bin.

Reclaimed holiday wrapping here we come!

Grocery bags are always my go to wrapping paper, chic with twine or color and good for any occasion. Plus, I’m not into wasting unnecessary paper.  I love using a glue gun (vs tape) to perfect it’s form and function.

Here are some fun twists on brown bagging it:

Confetti is a fun and vibrant addition!

These are sooo cute too! The bows are made from old magazines.  Learn how here!

LOVING these yarn Pom-Poms!!  {tutorial here}

This is also a darling holiday look!  {Learn How}

This one is simple, sweet, and smells like the holidays.

This is an adorable look utilizing another reclaimed household item: Newspaper! {Step by Step Guide}

An old map and a couple ornaments make this a whimsical holiday package.

Grab an old… Or purchase a new scarf to wrap your goods.


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  1. foab

    Love Love Love this! I hope my Christmas present comes looking as fab as these!