Summer Watermelon is Fabulous!

When I received a last minute, dinner invite to my wonderful friend’s house (which happens to be 2 blocks away), I scrambled to find something to bring. I had just gotten back from my week away, and I’m afraid to say, my kitchen is a bit scarce. I found an old 4th of July watermelon and decided to cut in because this was it!

There is nothing better than watermelon in the summer! It’s cold, refreshing, and made of mostly water. Plus, the color is just begging to be on a table scape!

Here’s my top 3 ways to tell if your watermelon is ripe:

1. Look under the melon for a lightish/yellow bottom. If it has green stripes ALL the way around, pass.

2. When you tap on it, the fruit should sound hallow.

3. Look for a heavy melon for its size! After all, it’s mostly water so you want it to be nice and juicy.

One Comment

  1. Fab Leah Ashley

    I missed the party!? AND the watermelon!? SOOOO sad. It looks sooo yummy.