10 Minute DIY Halloween Costumes!

Leah and I were filming our Halloween episode of Door Knock Design this past week, and we had to get costume ready in about 30 minutes, including figuring out what we could work with in our own closets. So, we grabbed 3 of our favorite trends for fall:  Lace, Leopard, and Dark Lipstick and made them work for Halloween!

Here’s what we did:

I like to go for scary come Halloween time.  I look like I belong in a Tim Burton movie…  I could always very easily turn this into a corpse bride.  My scary secret is to grab all my dark eyeshadows (purple, green, brown, grey, blue, black) and make dark eyes and shadow just below my cheekbone.  Then I apply on my neck, chest, arms…  The dark on your below your cheekbone is crucial because it gives you a hallowed out look — and killer bone structure.  Then finish it off with a black lip.

Leah become a leopard!!  She simply wore head to toe animal print and added some whiskers on her face.  We found the ears and tail at the 99 Cent Store while we were filming!  How perfect are they?

What do you guys think of our quick, easy, and nearly FREE Halloween costumes!??


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