Another Fabulous Week!

Here’s a recap from my week…  We’ve been filming lots and enjoying the uber hot summer weather!  Leah and I really enjoy making videos for you all, and we feel so incredibly blessed for the opportunity.  We’ve worked really hard to get to this point, and we’re excited for all the blessings we have coming up in the future.

As famed movie producer, Robert Evans so poignantly said,

“Fate is when opportunity meets preparation.”

Leah and I have been busting our booties for years to do this, and everyday we have to pinch ourselves when we realize we are actually doing what we love and supporting ourselves and a few freelance helpers that help make everything come together.  My point is, work hard, stay focused, don’t give up — It pays off.

Enjoying a little downtime last Saturday at the beach.  It’s been sooo hot, which we love, and even the Pacific Ocean is warm.  Perfect swim weather, and I am taking AD-VAN-TAGE.

This is our set from our DIY phone case 2Fab coming out soon!  We are dyyyyyying to show you the finished product… Soon, Soon, Soon…

We got a little wild with our 2Fab finale ensembles. Leah lookin’ super hardcore.

Here’s my end-cap outfit — rocking my $5 glasses and my new favorite necklace.

I got to don a blonde wig for our Miley inspired Hautelist, set to air manana on ULookHaute!  I’ll add a link when it goes live.  Love me a wig and I love me some platinum with dark brows.

Then I was officially Minted by ULookHaute and gifted a bunch of cool items from Stylemint, Shoemint, and Intimint!

Then Leah and I went to a super fun party for Ann Taylor Loft for Breast Cancer.  This pic was officially stolen from Miss Sydne Summer’s instagram, and we got to catch up with our girls Glitter ‘n Glue and Penny Chic with a photobooth, props, and a glass of champagne.

We hope you are all having a super FAB week as well!!


  1. Angela

    I love all outfits in all of these photos! :) I especially love those daisy earrings Mary! I'm so big on big studs right now.

    • foab

      Thank you!!!! xoxo