DIY Mission: Fabulous Jewelry Storage

Leah and I paid a visit to our lovely friend Richard Wainwright, whom also happens to be the vintage guru behind New Found and  A Current Affair.  We had so much fun in his downtown studio.  He has the vintage to kill for… the accessories, the apparel, the furniture… including a 70′s carrera marble desk and fur rug…  Even his displays were completely inspiring!!

I really want to get a ceramic bust, lotsa paint colors, and DIY the one above!!

Yes, that hat is Christian Dior… sigh.

As amazing as the baubles are, we can’t forget about the pair of bamboo etageres they call home.

And the clothes…

Like I mentioned, INSPIRING!!  So inspiring in fact that we made a little video about DIY jewelry organization!  It will be up this Wednesday, and I’ll post step by step pics as well!

This is me looking like a nerd, photographing our finished DIY… more to come!


  1. Dalia Dvir

    Not a bad idea. I already spent time and money shopping at the long island jewelers, I might as well store the pieces properly.

  2. Terl

    Wow I've just got to ask which kind of phone case that is… it's beautiful lol!