Fabulous Chanel.. On A Budget

First of all.. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Second… can we talk about the Chanel souvenir I am bringing home!? After a few hours spent perusing Rue Saint Honore‘, I decided that no Paris trip would be complete without a little token from Chanel. So, determined not to blow my whole budget I stopped in and asked to see the brooches.

Low and behold.. there it was! The perfect, and totally fabulous souvenir…  a brooch. At $150 Euro it was a total steal…. compared to everything else in the store. We even had Chanel orange juice while we waited to be rung up. Dream come true!

I also nabbed this amazing ZARA jacket for only $50.00 Euro. When I pair the two together you can barely tell the jacket isn’t Chanel as well!

Super Fabulous On A Budget!


  1. Kelly

    Damn you're good!

  2. fran

    love love love it!

  3. The Design Daredevil

    Swoon worthy vaca memories.