Fabulous Coats.

Mary and I are in Denver for a few days. Its the first time dealing with “REAL” Winter weather this season and I’ve got to say, after a minor packing meltdown, I must day that we are handling it quite well! However, this little trip has made me realize that it may be time to update my coat collection this Winter. And these are a few of the coats that I am loving for Fall.

The Trench:

1) White Textured Trench Coat $150.00

2) Faux Fur Shoulder Trench $125.00

3) Fur Trench $145.00

4) Faux Fur Collar Trench Coat $85.00

5) Mango Twiggy Coat $150.00

The Parka:

1) Open Road Parka $160.00

2) Sherpa Trimmed Parka $55.00

3) Borg Collar Parka $190.00

4) Tobacco Parka with Faux Fur $100.00

5) Flounced Pintuck Parka $200.00

Jewel Tones:

1) Double Breasted Pea Coat $128.00

2) Logan Pea Coat $50.00

3) Cropped Pea Coat $45.00

4) Fuchsia Padded Down Jacket $232.00

5) Double Cloth Trench $350.00

The Cape:

1) Knitted Wool Cape $200.00

2) Caramel Faux Fur Cape $50.00

3) Takes the Cape $160.00

4) You’re Golden Coat $124.00

5) Pendelton Cape $228.00


  1. Robin

    The fur lined trenches are amazing.

    • Leah ashley

      We are obsessed.

  2. Amy Riekel

    Oh my! I love the pendelton cape AND the orange Parka!!

    • Leah ashley

      How Darling right!?