Fabulous Color: Grellow

Lately, I have been in love with all things “Grellow”. That’s green and yellow mixed together by the way.. I had to explain that one to my manicurist (see below). Now, I know this color isn’t new to the scene, but I am still a lover of this hue. It seems to go with everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING. Whether you wear it, decorate with it or paint your nails with it… it is FAB.

What do you guys think?

My nails match this fab house!

Grellow Pom Poms… AWESOME.

An accent door in this color is simply perfection.

Get the Look

1) Double Candle Holders $80.00

2) Grellow Satchel $52.00

3) Summer Wedges $42.00

4) Wallpaper $98.00

5) Tray Table $50.00

6) Garden Stool $200.00

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