My Week in Instagrams…

Hi, My name is Mary and I’m addicted to Instagram.  I thoroughly abuse the Rise, Earlybird, and Inkwell settings most.

Are you addicted to Instagram too?  Well, then you should definitely follow me: @FabMaryDarling and like I can follow you and we can like Instagrams together forever.

(and let us not forget Miss Leah @FabLeahAshley)

Here are the highlights of my week as described in Earlybird (and a little Inkwell).

I arrived home from teen camp completely exhausted but inspired.  I’ve been meditating daily, hitting the beach in the morning and eating a whole lot more vegetables.

See what I mean about vegetables!?

I’ve even been making morning smoothies.  This is a replica of the most amazing smoothie ever digested in Portland.


*Coconut Milk

*A Spoonful of Coconut Butter

*Almond Milk

*A Spoonful of Almond Butter

I saw To Rome With Love and Moonrise Kingdom again.  Woody Allen is one (if not THE one) of my favorite filmmakers and Wes Anderson is utterly brilliant as well.  I definitely think Moonrise Kingdom is Anderson’s best work since The Royal Tenenbaums.  I sobbed through the entire middle, and I was completely overwhelmed by it’s beauty, even just the font in the credits.  The man is a genius.  Correction, both men are geniuses.

And then it was back to the grind, which is hilarious when you think of this as a grind at all.  Leah and I are shopping for our latest episode of #2Fab and took a little break in a memory foam papasan chair… Did you even know those existed!?

And then here we are getting ready to shoot our newest episode of 2Fab.

We managed to squeeze in a little nap in Bed, Bath, and Beyond… Haha.

Hit up the library.

All the while squeezing in meetings and more filming.  This was the best ending to our day yesterday… INTRODUCING Affogato!  It’s ice cream in espresso.  Um, yes.  Leah and I both opted for the hazelnut variety, and it was pretty much mind blowing!

Hope you all are having a Fabulous week!!




  1. JFR

    you guys are so adorable…

  2. Christina L

    Please follow me on Instagram! I've already followed you and Leah there (:
    My username is krazyfoodiec
    It would also be amazing if you could follow me on twitter, my username is @krazyfoodie
    Thank you, and I love you girls! (:

  3. Christina

    Haha, I'm just like you. :) I love to take pictures of ducks. :D

  4. Nora

    I've been loving your instagrams, Mary! Follow me @ iseenit ! Not much fashion, but lots of yummy food pics.

  5. Goldeelocks

    Loving the pictures! Keep themc oming!