Su-Su- Summertime Sandals!

I keep singing Su-Su-Summertime Saaandals… Su-Su-Summertime Saaandals to the tune of Lana del Ray.  It’s obvious; I’ve got sandals on my brain!  I’m also notorious for making up stupid songs with different words, for example on my entire Denver trip, I kept singing “Frontier Airlines” to the tune of “Rhinestone Cowboy”…  I can’t help myself.  Anyway, I divert.  Here are the sandals I’ve been singing about:

1.  Ikat Platform

2.  Leopard Sandal

3.  Black Pouf Sandal

4.  Silver Mule

5.  Lime Ankle Strap

6.  Neon Slip On

Do you guys make up silly songs?  Are you loving Lana del Rey?  Are you into sandals or more particularly any of these?  Whatever your response to these very random questions, please leave a comment below because we want to know! 

One Comment

  1. Tori Correia

    very cute!