Vintage Fabulous (series two)

So, after posting series one of the vintage Fabulous pics, all circa our former turquoise bungalow, I realized how many funny shots were omitted. Here’s one more trip down memory lane! After working together over the years, I realize Leah and I have pretty much been through it all… and have had A LOT of fun doing it.

Switching your bulbs to LED is always Fabulous!

Working on our street cred.

Hard at work.

Uh Oh… Christmas light disaster!

The Pacific.

You did whaaaat!?? Random silliness in my former bed.

GARAGE sale!!!

New York or bust…

Oh, no, you dii’iint. This was our VERY first photoshoot together.

Up a tree.

You never know what you can find in an alley!

Keeping it Fabulous, one home at a time.


  1. Leah Ashley

    Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy!! We need to find that "FABULOUS" cleaner again!!

  2. Camille

    Gorgeous and hilarious pics! Whose dress are you wearing in the picture in the tree – the navy one shoulder dress (you paired it with the red converse)??

    • Leah ashley

      That dress is Rachel Pally. Isn't it cute!?