What A Week!

I know; I know.  I shamelessly promote Instagram but that’s just because it’s like the best ever. So, if you’re not following us, you really should be:  @FabMaryDarling and @FabLeahAshley.  We love it because we are always on the go, and it’s like the best of the blogosphere up to the minute all rolled into one steady stream of your favs.  You see?

Anywayz, what a week!  I feel so blessed and so stoked right now.  All I can say is Life is Good.  And for all of you out there that are struggling to make shizz happen or have a dream you want to see realized, STICK with it!  I promise, it gets better…  It gets sooo much better.  When I think of all Leah and I have been through and in spite of it all, we persevered…  It really does pay off.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff!  IMAGES!!  Here ’tis:

Leah and I had a Fabulous, little lunch at one of our favorite places, Ivy on the Shore.  The decor is TO DIE FOR, and I was completely inspired to paint the majority of my house pale pink.  Too cute.

We were at lunch celebrating some new Fabulous news that we hope to share with you all really soon!

I got to try my very first hairbow on The Hautelist yesterday!!  I’ve been waiting a while for this and expect more to come!

Speaking of length, I’ve been trying to train this bougainvillea to climb up and over my little awning for a cozy, cottage feel.  And wait for it, this week, they’re finally long enough to begin their way over!  I’m thrilled!!  Grow, grow, grow!

I pulled out one of my old skateboards again, and I’ve been cruising all over.  It’s funny.  It’s like I forget that I’ve been skating since I was 10, and I think it seems hard.  Then I hop on and remember, it’s not hard.  I’m just scared of falling now.  LOL.

After many rental fees, we finally bit the bullet yesterday and purchased our very own sound equipment!!  Sooo cool!!

And then I spotted these little babies at Zara, and I want like so bad.  Zara really does have THE best shoes for girls that don’t have $$$ to spend.  Zara, thank you.  You do good work.  I can’t stop think of these little guys, so I think I may have to pull the trigger and make them my own.

And just think, if I had those Zara flats, I could match this Fab textile for the soon to be Fab dining room of the uber Fab Brianna Baxter of Clevver Style that we’re executing today!  Wish us luck!!

And have a GREAT day!!!  You’re awesome.


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