A Fabulous Home Office.. On A Budget

This week Mary and I are on a mission. We are busy re-doing a home office…..MY HOME office. Well, to be more specific, its really the BF’s office…but its still in my home and its a mess! So, for our next episode of Door Knock Design we are blending two distinct styles to create a space that we both feel comfortable in.

But in the meantime, I am diving into loads of home office internet inspiration. And, I am loving the cool, feminine feel of this space. I’m not sure that the BF will go for it, but if you love this look here is how to get it for less!

{Image via LONNY MAG}

The Look For Less

1) Library Floor Lamp $186.00

2) Globe Desk Lamp $10.00

3) Wall Frames $16.00

4) Desk Plant $12.99

5) Mirrored Desk $220.00

6) Sheepskin $29.99

7) Burlap Rug $279.00

8) White Chair $88.00


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