Dear Leah & Mary:

Hey girls,

I have one really long dresser in my room that I have hung a mirror above, but the actual dresser seems so empty on top.  I am having a hard time trying to decorate the top of it without it looking junky or not put together.  I have some picture frames and candles on it but I still feel like I have so much space!  Can you help?



This is a common design dilemma. A messy dresser is not something you want to wake up too in the morning. But how are you supposed to fill all that space without it looking junky!? Well Pam, check out the images below for some decorating inspiration when it comes to dressers.

Keep it simple.. and personal.

Stack books flat for added space while still looking chic…. and smart!

Layer frames by leaning them against the wall and then each other for a collected look.

Play with scale. These over-sized objects seem right at home on this large dresser. If you go this route, remember to keep it simple.

Trays are your BEST friend when it comes to organizing baubles. Heck, use your jewels as decor while you are at it!

Adding 2 matching lamps is a great way to pull this space together and helps to take up a little room on your dresser!

Lovely and Ladylike

1) Aluminum Tray $79.00

2) Clara Table Lamp $59.00

3) Bird Mirror $299.00

4) Bird Cage $69.00

5) Mirror Frames $34.00

6) White Dresser $299.00

Downtown Meets Hollywood

1) White Ceramics $22.00 ea.

2) Horse Head Book Ends $34.00

3) Star-burst Mirror $549.00

4) Black Rock Lamps $92.00 each

5) Grellow Dresser $499.00

Good Luck Pam and let us know how it turns out!

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{Images via House Beautiful, Lonny Mag, Rue Mag, La Dolce Vita}


  1. Amanda (tomboy that wears makeup)

    This post inspired me! Thanks!

    • Leah ashley

      YAY!!!!!! That’s the point!

  2. The Design Daredevil {Jessie D. Miller}

    Great styling pics ladies!

    • Leah ashley

      Thank you!