Decorating with Disco

Life is a party….so why not decorate like one! Seriously, though.. how fabulous is the idea of decorating with a disco ball? For awhile now, I have been on the look out for a chandelier for my kitchen. But then I thought… why not just hang a disco ball? It would be WAY easier and cheaper!

What do you guys think?


  1. Allison

    omggggg obsessed with this. so inspired by you guys and hoping my blog will get to be as cool as yours is!!

    Love from your newest follower,
    Allison @

    • foab

      YAY!!!!!! Thanks for reading!

  2. Maca

    OMG I love it! I never thought a disco ball instead of a chandelier would look anything but tacky, but these pictures make it so classy!

  3. Oriana

    I am obsessed with Disco – and I think this is a great way to lighten up spaces!!

  4. Christina

    I love the decor of the 3rd one and the 5th one. I think it's a great idea, Leah!

    • foab

      Pretty fun & FAB right!?