Fabulous Women: Avenue Interior Design

Leah and I have created Fabulous Women, a feature on the Fabulous women that inspire us! This week we are featuring the lovely and talented ladies of Avenue Interior Design and I Heart Design (they also designed the Who What Wear offices).

We just love them & and their Fab workspace. Last week, we had the opportunity to hang out in their Venice studio and find out a bit more about Ashley & Andrea, the women behind Avenue Interior Design:

{Did we mention, we love a duo!?}

1. What inspired you to start Avenue Interior Design and I Heart Design?

Ashley and I met years ago, as we were first getting started in the design industry. After venturing to other top design firms in the LA area, we eventually came together again in 2009 to start Avenue Interior Design. Under Avenue, we focus on the hospitality industry (and the occasional fabulous residence) meaning most of our projects involve hotels, restaurants, bars/night clubs, etc. However, we also wanted to focus on making interior design accessible for everyone, regardless of budget, so we launched I Heart Design in March of 2010.

2. What’s your most Fabulous On A Budget find?

You will find the most fabulous steals while shopping flea markets. We
adore the Rosebowl flea market and every Sunday there is a great flea market
at Melrose and Fairfax (both are in Los Angeles). Nothing will be in mint condition, but it’s all gained more character with love! Andrea recently found a teal nightstand with a lot of intricate carving at the Rosebowl flea market for $40. She spray painted it white and added hardware from Anthropologie.

{Below is the nightstand & artwork}

3. What are your top three design rules?

1. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Mixing a herringbone pattern with a
stripe or something more abstract adds depth to an interior.

2. Use splashes of color to make your room pop! We love a neutral back
drop (try painting your walls a light gray like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Halo’) and
adding colorful accessories such as artwork and throw pillows. This will
keep your interior looking modern and up to date.

3. Avoid clutter! Accessorizing is one thing, but keep some room to
breathe. Not every inch of space needs to be filled.

{The board is Pottery Barn, but they gave us a great DIY idea by using an old (or new) canvas and wrapping it in a Fab textile}

4. What object, trend or product are you obsessed with right now?

One trend for interiors (and fashion) that we can’t get enough of right
now is pastels! Buttery yellow, soft coral, minty green and lavender are
amongst our favorites. For an even bigger impact, we love a monochromatic
pastel color scheme. Stripes and anything Parisian are also soft spots for

5. What are your words of advice for how to live a truly fabulous life, no matter what your budget?

Stay true to your own vision! Don’t feel pressured to stay within a
certain style- make sure everything in your space is something you love and
let your space grow organically!


  1. Laurence Stuart

    They are very easy to work with and are on time and on budget

  2. Leah ashley

    That rug is so cool!!