Interior Inspiration: Pink Walls

This is a morning of inspiration.  As I hopped in the shower this morning, it occurred to me that we make our own luck.  And you know what, pink makes me feel lucky!  So, after months of tossing around paint colors, I still haven’t decided whether it will be my kitchen or my entry but most definitely, one of them, needs a bit of this…

From hot to soft, pink is Fab!  To combat the ultra girly, sicky sweet, you need some edge — A bit of brown, perhaps some black, careful with damask, and maybe toss in an oriental rug for history and dimension…  Here it is!  Inspiration galore:

What do you think?  Would you ever go pink?


  1. Barbara Cutright

    Your brown carpet complements your pink walls well. You just need to be careful on cleaning it as it may water damage. Bringing it to a professional carpet cleaner would be a better idea.

  2. Emilia Frost

    It wasn't as completely pink, but I once stayed in a room at the merida boutique hotel that had a lot of pink in it. I almost didn't want to leave.

  3. Lisaalershankey

    two cute!!

  4. lamakeupholic

    so gorgeous and fab!!
    like a house of a living doll