Mission: Desk Organization

Leah and I are in a 21 day Yogic Cleanse with our girl, Michelle, and it is AMAZING!  We are focusing on 3 areas of our life we would like to see improve. One of our tasks this week was to organize and clean up some space in our home.

I’ve been on an organization, circulation mission for awhile now, but I’d yet to really delve into my desk and paperwork.  I decided this is the week.  I pulled EVERYTHING out, sorted and cleaned house!

Here is my embarrassing, little desk BEFORE:

This is my petite, little desk.  It’s nestled between my kitchen and bedroom.  I’m really making the most out of this awkward wall.  As you can, it houses much inspiration, and I just tack on anything I’m feeling like looking at for a little while.

In my defense, I will say that much of this was pulled out of closets and bins and…  you name it.  Ultimately though, it all needed to be incorporated to my workspace.

It’s definitely still a work in progress, but at least now, it’s a little bit cozy.  Look, it even has a candle!

And a Buddha!

The quickest way to combat a messy look is to add a tray.  It layers the space, as well as makes a bunch of small items look cohesive and pulled together.  I added a framed postcard from one of my very favorite restaurants: Ivy on the Shore, added some garden roses, and VOILA!  It’s somewhere you’d actually want to hang.

What area you DYING to get organized?

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