Organization can be Fabulous

This week while Mary is away… I am organizing. I should be resting, hitting the beach and sleeping in, but I am in full Spring Cleaning mode but in the middle of the Summer. I am ripping through closets, tearing open cabinets and getting rid of everything that we haven’t used in the last 2 months. This has been on my to do list since we moved in 8 months ago *cough, cough*. Now I have an organized home and a car load of un-wanteds ready for the thrift store!

Ummm.. this is embarrassing. This is our guest bedroom/ my office/ my closet and it usually looks like this. Until now. And here are a few of my favorite purging/organizing tips to help you cut through the mess and reclaim your closets and cabinets.

1) Make sure everything has a home. If it has a home, it will be easy to clean up any space. Dividers are a great solution for drawers & cabinets in the bathroom & kitchen.

2) Trays are your new best friend and they work great for smaller more delicate things like jewelry.

3) Keep things together. All the towels with all of the towels (close to the bathroom if possible), all the Q-Tips with Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, etc…

I don’t have an “After” picture of the second bedroom because it is not totally done yet. But I am working on it and that is all that matters!


  1. josummers07

    Next time if you need to do spring cleaning and you dont have time do to it on your own, call a house cleaning services in Melbourne. Its good that you managed to organize your kitchen drawers. That is a brilliant idea of putting some dividers in your drawers.

  2. Linda Borja

    This room is small so I think it would be easy to clean it. But if you got no time, I suggest you get the services of the office cleaner in Perth to sort that out.