The Look for Less: Moroccan Rugs

In what feels like another lifetime, I used to work for a very fabulous interior designer. He taught me all about his love for fiddle figs trees, abstract art and moroccan rugs. However, his projects were in the millions and millions of dollar range with clients like movie studio executives and celebrities. Unfortunately, when it comes to decorating my apartment we are dealing with little to no budget at all. But luckily for me.. and for you.. Mary & I are good at our jobs.

While a vintage Moroccan rug screams Fabulous, they are totally unaffordable for the budget savy girl. But we found a fab option! Check it out!

Some of my ex boss’ work. He really is talented. But that rug cost more than a half a year of my rent!

The Moroccan rug used here defines a second seating area.

This room feels modern and feminine at the same time.

Turns out Cost Plus World Market is where its at! But I’ll still be saving up for the budget friendly option.

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  1. LA Organizta

    What a fab find!! I love Cost Plus World Market and can't wait to check this out on my next visit!!