Tipsy Tuesday: Hang Art With a Comb!?

This week, we show you how to hang your artwork with ease! The best part is, it’s super easy, and we promise… You’ll never whack your thumb again!

Grab a fine tooth comb and push a nail between the spokes. The small space creates the perfect placeholder to keep your fingers FAR from a swinging hammer! Note: If your nail keeps sliding out of the comb, its too small of a fine tooth comb and simply move down the comb spokes to a larger area.

It really does work like a charm!

Would you guys ever try this tip?

Music: / @TrevorWesley

Videography: Vanessa Rud


  1. Eunice

    AHAHAHA the song!

    • foab

      Thank you!!

  2. Channing in The City

    What a good idea! I can't believe I'd never thought of that. You ladies look really pretty, too :)

    • foab

      Thank you so much!!!

  3. lamakeupholic

    i love tipsy tuesday!!

    • foab

      Woot Woot!!!