Work is Fabulous!

Mary and I have been hard at work gearing up for the next episode of our interior decorating show, Door Knock Design! This week we had the task of transforming a second bedroom into a “his & hers” second living room! Sounds crazy right!? But really it turned out to be a quite practical idea. Our lovely clients wanted a room where HE could hang out and play music and SHE could hang with him and do her knitting & crossword puzzles. We love bringing couples together even if it’s just with a little decorating!

This is what we were working with.. a cramped mess.

We got to work quickly by hitting a few local thrift stores and we scored!

We had a few surprises up our sleeves for the lovely couple so we headed to Home Depot to pick up the supplies!

But they didn’t fit in the car…. So we sat on the foam core in the parking lot hoping it would break.. it DIDN’T.

Next, we started the transformation process. We love giving new life to old things with lots of good DIYs!

Make sure you guys tune into the Digs Channel next week to see the finished project!

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