Cheers to Fabulous Duos!

As Leah and I begin so many projects together and have grown sooooo much in the years we’ve known each other, I just can’t help but sit in awe of our friendship.  I am so grateful for Leah, and I know I could never do all of this without her!  Truth be told, I always wished for a sister…  So this one is to all the Fabulous Duos out there!!

And these girls are my absolute heroines!  They are so business savvy, hard working, and have an air of magic about them.  This is from their recent CFDA win for The Row, Womenswear Designer of the Year.  I mean, seriously, how cute are they!???

Keeping on the sister train, we have Elle & Dakota — Also just DARLING!

And these two (kinda random models) are just too fab in their little, Miu Miu polkadots, whispering on a yacht.  Um, yes please!

I don’t know these two either, but a blonde and a brunette in silk pajamas playing in a Fabulous room…  Sounds like fun to me!

Whose the bestie you’re forever grateful for?



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