Fabulous Pink Kitchens.

I happened to be researching something design related on the inter-tubes, and I ran across this trend: Pink Kitchens. Yes. PINK! I just couldn’t help myself.. I had to share with you! Let’s be honest.. what is more Fabulous than to have a pink kitchen. Girlie girls, this one is for you!


It all started here.

Check out those Fabulous Eames Dining Chairs! AMAZING.

Love the pops of pink & other colors in this kitchen.

The perfect way to add some glamour to a not so glamorous kitchen.

Pretty in Pink.

I want this to be in some Fabulous Mexican hacienda somewhere.

Perfectly Polished.

I imagine this to be in some Fabulous old cottage by the sea.

Ummmm… WOW… that’s all I got.. just WOW.


  1. Pamela

    The colour pink, especially used on this scale, certainly makes a statement. Basically, the walls are saying, Go Girly, or Get Out!

    My girlfriend, Trish, is unabashedly girly, with a huge dash of femme and rockabilly. And that’s exactly what her kitchen says:

    • foab

      LOVE IT!

  2. Jennifer

    I rent a house that was built in the 1960s, which happens to have a fabulous pink kitchen – with original pink tiles, pink cabinet knobs, pink oven and pink stove. My pink appliances still work too (although they can be a bit temperamental)!

  3. Kendall

    I want a pink kitchen! I'm going to get shopping right now…

  4. Marissa

    i LOVE this. someday when I build a house I'm going to design a smaller kitchen, just for me, that's entirely over the top girlie, including brights like this pink. :)




    • Leah ashley

      Isn't is DARLING!? My BF would KILL me though. No pink kitchens for me. :(

  5. Jessica

    WOW is right, to all of the above! I don't think this is something I would dare do, but I really love some of the softer pink tones. Nice find!

  6. Liz

    I LOVE some of these! I really love the second to last one.

  7. Hawlie Ohe

    Oh my gosh, I think I am in LOVE! Showed these to the hubby, and he said absolutely no way, no how, would he ever allow this, unless he never had to step foot in the kitchen again. Lol! Men can be such poor sports. For a single girl, however, this is absolutely a DO!

  8. abigail

    love this!

    I actually have some pink kitchens in my home decor inspiration file that I have been building and collecting for years!

    I like the lighter pastel pinks, but the deeper/richer pinks you have here are making me think twice! I would do this if the husband would be up for it. He cooks the most so it would have to be a compromise! I'm definitely bookmarking this post for the future!