Fabulous Woman: The Quickie Chick

We love crafty girls who get it all done on less than a fab budget! And we reallllllllly love, girls who make a business out of it. Meet Laurel House. She is the the founder of Quickie Chick, a website dedicated to bringing you quick, easy, inexpensive tips on how to be Fabulous On A Budget. Sound familiar right!?

And, she’s written a book about it that’s available for pre-order HERE.

Told you we love her!!

1) What inspired you to write QuickieChick?

Life! In the 11 years that I have been writing, I have written thousands of articles for dozens of magazines, published 3 books (QuickieChick’s Cheat Sheet will be my 4th), and really have had the opportunity to explore myself and this world. QuickieChick is an extraction of lessons and insight that I’ve learned along the way (that I wish I knew back then). Plus, since I am the ultimate over-extended multi-tasking, do-everything chick, it’s my short cut, instant gratification remedies to many of life’s time-consuming drags… because whatever life throws your way, there’s a quickie for that.

2) What’s your most Fabulous On A Budget find?

The absolute most fab on a budget item that I have experienced actually wasn’t my own- but my close friend Jamie’s. It was her wedding gown! Jamie walked down the aisle in a gorgeous gently worn Carolina Herrera gown that was so stunning I almost fell out of my seat in complete envy. Because she was concerned about past energy carried on the dress, before her aisle walk she smudged it- the native American way to “clear old energy and make room for new” with sage smoke (don’t worry, it was only the clear smoke. No burning ash got anywhere near the dress). Now that is Fabulous on a Budget!

3)What’s your favorite QuickieChick tip?

Fat-Burning Detox Tea! It’s my go-to late-night craving killer, digestive, body-warmer, PLUS it is a naturally detoxifying fat-burner. It’s like your ultimate Bite with Benefits and it’s SO simple- Green Tea (decaf if you prefer), 3 shakes of Cinnamon, 3 shakes of Cayenne Pepper, 1 entire Lemon squeezed (including the pulp). Sometimes I add a little brandy for that extra kick!

4) What object, trend or product are you obsessed with right now?

Quinoa with avocado and cucumber for breakfast! Since I love savory breakfast, want a protein/carb balance, and love warming/comforting foods in the morning I have been obsessed with Quinoa. It’s like gold- seriously! The stuff is PACKED with protein, fiber (fab for digestion and weight control), and magnesium (to minimize headaches and stress). Then I top it with cold avocado and crisp cucumber (plus of course sea salt and white pepper- my two spice musts!). Delish!


My new hot pink pleather Miu Miu wallet. I was shopping at one of my fave 2nd hand couture stores (I swear you get the best highfalutin finds for cheap) and came across this fab Miu Miu wallet and suddenly remembered how much I dislike my wallet, in fact, I have disliked it for years! An ex gave it to me. This new (well, gently used… but new to me) hot pink pleather Miu Miu with a bow wallet was so me and I had to have it!

5) What are your words of advice for how to live a truly fabulous life no matter what the budget?

As trite as it sounds, do what feels good to you and makes you happy. Oftentimes we are doing things that other people think we should do, or maybe even things that you think you should do, but don’t actually make you happy or serve you. You can have all of the money in the world, live in a mansion, and have the ability to buy the entire Dior Spring collection if you want to… but what good is it if you’re not happy!? So, appreciate everything you have, do and buy- whether it’s the 2nd hand wallet or the entire line of Dior Spring collection. That’s how you will live a fabulous life- on a budget or not.

Well said Laurel, well said!

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