Home Sweet Home!

Leah and I have been non-stop for the past week, running around, flying around, and filmin’ stuff.  I know I say it all the time, but I’m just sooo grateful to have a partner in crime for all of this because without Leah it wouldn’t be half the fun!  Seriously.

We arrived late last night from Des Moines, Iowa where we were filming 5 cooking segments for Lowes via the Meredith Corp — the crew behind Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and much, much more!

We had a tour of the “campus” which included a test garden… Did you know that existed!?  We sure didn’t!  It’s a large garden area complete with wheelbarrows, bistro tables, fountains, mailboxes for shooting “homes” on location.  They also have cool prop closets, home sets, test kitchens where they test different recipes all day long… It was really cool and very informative.

This is the fabulous faux kitchen where we shot.  I felt VERY Martha Stewart!!

Even though, we were there for work, Leah and I were desperate to check out the local scene.  We found this little place dubbed, “The Champagne of Bars.” It was sooo kitchy cool – like a 1970′s time warp.

This is Meredith’s signature shovel…  Leah and I of course pretending we were being carried away!  There’s actually quite a few, super cool art pieces in the park in Des Moines.

We were also able to stock up on some Meredith reading material for the flight home.

And then after a whirlwind trip, we were California bound!  Fairwell, Iowa!  It was sweet!!

Now, we are off to shoot The Hautelist this morning!  We hope you are all having a Fabulous week!!




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  1. Nikki B

    Glad you enjoyed your time here in Iowa! I live just down the road from Des Moines and love it here! Looks like you had a FABULOUS time :-)