Super Summer Campy

This past week I volunteered as a teen camp adviser in the pines of Idyllwild for Centers of Spiritual Living summer camp.  I very rarely bring up my spiritual side which I’m now thinking is a mistake… I mean, is it necessarily a different demo?  Are people that are interested in aesthetics, somehow disinterested in spirituality?  It seems blasphemous and considering the strong community ties I hold there, it seems only appropriate to share myself fully.

We conquered daily workshops on loving yourself, others, the planet, and having complete Trust in the unknown.  We transcended old behaviors that no longer serve us and headed down the mountain more inspired, more loving, and more connected to the whole.  I’m soooo grateful for the experience — for the beauty I witnessed, and to simply be an alive, expressing being.  Words do this no justice.

Here are a few pics:

This is my little camp 9 Family.  I’m trying to flash a 9 but all I can see is 5.

We planted 100 trees for the Stand for Sam foundation.

We played with paint.


Then we played with face paint and wrote loving affirmations all over all family’s face & bodies. <3

Did I mention, that we drew on ourselves and loved each other a whole bunch?

I thought of doing a style report of Fabulous looks (which there are plenty of) but it felt to discredit the connection that was shared.  My life is changed eternally.

I’m so grateful for all of you reading this today.  I know that you are perfect, whole, and complete, simply by being alive on this planet today. Yup, that’s what you call high on life.


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