This Time Last Year…

Time for a little trip down memory lane… As I head to summer camp as a teen adviser, I am reminded of this time last year.  I had just moved into my little beach bungalow; I had a hopeless crush on someone I really didn’t want to; I had just bleached part of my hair; and I was still working part time at a Malibu Wines.

While my life was still pretty Fabulous, I must say, IT IS GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME!!!  Cheers to another year passed, a little more maturity, switching from Hipstamatic to Instagram, and a whole lot more self confidence!



My, oh my, have the bougainvillaea (and I) have grown.  Do you guys ever trip out when you think of the you past?

One Comment

  1. kristi

    totally!! I love this shot though! So cool! and instagram is just my favorite invention ever…next to pinterest…and the iphone… ;)