To A Fabulous Weekend

Its been a lonnnnnng week. Every day I get home from work, the work continues on the new house until late into the night. But this weekend I get a little break. The BF is in Vegas for the weekend and my family is headed into town.. So a little shopping, a little decorating, a little work, and hopefully some serious sleep is in my near future. Here’s too a Happy Weekend!

I’m so excited to spend some QT with my little sister.

Someone give me a credit card…. I have A LOT of decorating to do!

Browsing images online to get inspiration of how to blend my BF’s things with my girlie tastes.

WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK. Bring it on Weekend!

And remembering to enjoy every minute!

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  1. A Diva State of Mind

    Have a great weekend!!!!