Don’t Mess With The Bear.

It seems this summer is a ton of rivers, lakes, big trees, and well… camping.  I’m much more of cabin type camper usually, but I headed to Foresthill, CA with my Momz to celebrate the 4th with the fam.  This is my guide to irregular tan lines and communing with both mother & mother nature.

First up, it’s da 4th so you gotta represent with some red, white, and blue.

Observe & Enjoy.

Only remove your bikini to shower and sleep.

Find an awesome log like this one that will float you & all your friends around.

Keep your face make-up free and slathered in SPF & a hat. Isn’t Momz cute!?

Pedal boat is your main form of transportation.  **Note the irregular burn taking place**

By the time you leave, you’re sad and wearing your hat backwards, sideways — whatever.

Are you guys into camping?


  1. heaven

    where did you get that hat?

  2. Jenny B

    I have to know where that is! it looks incredible!