Roadtripped: Cupcake Edition

Okay, okay… I’ve been roadtrippin’ around as you all know, so here’s what I’ve been up to this week…  But First, let’s open this up with a joke.

How do you measure a hipster?

In Instagrams

Hahaha… Super corny, but ya’ll should follow me on Instagram!  @FabMaryDarling for twitter and insta.

I began this trip by heading up to Grass Valley, CA to visit my dear brother.  He took me to this swimming hole!  Isn’t it Fabulous?  We don’t have many lakes and rivers in Southern California, so it’s definitely a nice change.

I spent Monday driving up to Southern Oregon to visit my dear cousin Ashley and her adorable baby girl, Kimberly.  That’s Mt. Shasta in my rear view.

Monday also marked my birthday which I celebrated all day, including stopping at this Weed (yes, that’s a place) diner and ordering myself a red velvet cupcake and coffee.

Aaaand, you know me… I’ve thrift shopping the whole way.  Check out this cute, little cameo pin.  Lanvin and Miu Miu debuted the return of cameos – mine was only $3.50 and vintage.

I spotted this on an old, country highway and fell in love.

Next, I headed up to Portland to visit one of my dearest friends and her darling, darling, little family!  I even got my hair did out of it.  Say “hi,” Katie!

And last night, we took waaaay to many photobooth pictures.

My trip has been AMAZING so far!  I’ve done everything I love: hang with friends and family, play with babies, go to the river, thrift shop, shop shop, visit nature, and explore.

Happy Birthday Week to Me!  :)


  1. Heidi M.

    Your vintage photos look great and I love it! I wish I can take a picture with my friends in a photo booth in Perth.

  2. kristi

    oh my gosh! I am from Washington State ( 2hrs north of Portland) and I SO miss swimming in rivers and lakes!! This waterhole is SO stinking cute I just want to drive myself there ASAP!!

  3. katrina

    I know, right!??? That sign is the cutest ever!!!

  4. Gisela Rodrigues

    i love the church in the barn signboard
    So country!!