Roadtrippin: Lost In Oregon

I’m slowly on way back to Los Angeles now, as I’ve ended my last bit of Portland (my most northern destination).  My uncle gave me a piece of advice before I left and said, “Be Safe but Push It.”  This was the best piece of advice I could have gotten, and I’ve taken it to heart!

    Here’s what I’ve been up to the last couple days:

This was my last day in Portland which we spent on Sauvie Island, my new favorite place in the world.

Portland is pretty.  Actually, all of Oregon is really, really beautiful.  This is the view on my last night.

I also discovered Burgerville, which I LOVE.  They use all local ingredients, including fresh Oregon berries in this shake and Washington halibut in my sandwich.  Plus, Made in USA, sustainable, compostable, drive thru…  LOVE!  Burgerville, please come to California!

I headed to Silverton from Portland to visit an old friend and discovered Oregon has a distinct affinity for Friday sales… one of my very favorite things.

From Silverton, I headed to Springfield, and I got completely lost… with no gas…  I did find this though and the views were spectacular!  And then I made it to the station to pay $3.52 per gallon!  :)  So-Cal’ers know what I’m talking about.

Finally I’ve arrived to my cousin’s amazingly, cute cabin here in Springfield.

We hiked down to the little campground they built deep in the forest of their backyard.

Hi Ho Hi Ho…

Over the creek…  They built this bridge themselves!!  Chopped the tree and everything!!  Isn’t it just adorable?

Now I’m in Springfield, Oregon in my cousin’s darling cabin in the woods!    I am off to the cascading hot springs today then trek a little further South this evening.  My trip has been soooo amazing so far, and I’m thrilled that I opted to drive and explore.


  1. tate

    Welcome to Oregon! glad you love it here as much as we all do!

  2. Tashina

    I grew up an hour away from Springfield and this post has made me totally homesick. I'm so glad you're seeing the amazing things Oregon has to offer!

    • Marydarling

      Awww, Oregon is definitely a beautiful state!!